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The idea for a painting can come from anything — a memory, a color, a word.  Next, I decide on the scale of the painting.  Then, I measure for the cut and placement of the grommet holes.  These preparations may take a long time.  While I do these tasks, I think a lot about what the painting will become.  With more recent reversible canvases, I started with very thin washes, usually on what is the more “geometric” side of the canvas.


I’ve started letting more color bleed from one side of the untreated canvas to the other, in more or less controlled areas.  There will always be accidents, which I prize and try to learn from.  Each painting has its own way of telling me what it wants to be as it develops.


The reversible format suggests a breathing, organic being with its own envelope of space.  It can be completely closed, open all of the way, or completely reversed and repositioned.  Just because I painted the canvas doesn’t mean that I know every possibility that it contains.

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